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Receive 10x more responses than with conventional surveys

Only 3%–5% of customers usually respond to a conventional satisfaction survey.

In contrast, our users typically see response rates of 40% to 60%.

We achieve this thanks to smart follow-ups and highly optimized and super simple survey layout.

We have optimized the survey so you don't have to.

Receive 10x more responses

Understand your customer segments

A single number representing your aggregated customer satisfaction doesn't tell you the whole story.

Understand your customer segments

With our automatically generated reports, you can dive into your data.

See how your customers are satisfied depending on:

  • The product they ordered
  • The date of their first purchase (Christmas? Black Friday?)
  • Number of orders they placed with your shop
  • Their geographic location
  • ...and others

Discover trends in your customers' opinions.

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