Features That Work for You

Receive 10x more responses than with conventional e-mail surveys


Customer satisfaction surveys are only useful if you actually get responses.

Only 3%-5% of customers usually respond to a conventional satisfaction survey.

In contrast, our users typically see response rates of 40% to 60%.

We achieve this thanks to smart automatic follow-ups and highly optimized and super simple survey layout.

We have optimized the survey so that you don't have to.

See segmented customer satisfaction for multiple customer segments

A single number representing your aggregated customer satisfaction doesn't tell you the whole story.

With our automatically generated reports, you can dive into your data.

See how your customers are satisfied depending on:

  • The product they ordered
  • The date of their first purchase (Christmas? Black Friday?)
  • Number of orders they placed with your shop
  • Their geographic location
  • ... and others

Discover trends in your customers' opinions.


Optionally embed our in-app rating widget directly into your site

Available in multiple languages

Survey your customers in English, Slovak, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Hebrew, Croatian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Turkish.

Are you looking for another language? Let us know at [email protected] and we’ll be quick to add it.

Facebook Ads integration allows you to push ratings into Facebook and segment your customers using Custom Website Audiences.

Tailor your sequential ads to your promoters, passives and detractors.

Google Adwords integration lets you push your Net Promoter System ratings into Google Analytics and consequently segment your customers in Google Adwords.

Show your customers different ads based on their ratings.

Application Programming Interface

Our simple RESTful HTTP API allows you to programmatically send or schedule e-mail surveys directly from your code base, as well as export all your ratings and customer data.

A customer profile shows every interaction with an individual customer, allowing you to understand them better when trying to resolve a complex issue.

Close the feedback loop by getting back to your customers. React to their ratings directly from the dashboard.

Customize your "Thank you" page

Show your customers a customized message right after they submit the survey.

Tailor this message to their rating: ask your promoters to share their good experience or to like you on Facebook.

Automatic e-mail throttling checks how often you send surveys to your customers and makes sure they don’t get the survey too often by accident.

Survey scheduling allows you to pick the best time to send the survey.

Smart follow-up feature magically sends follow-up emails to customers who haven’t opened or clicked your initial survey emails.

This greatly increases your open and click-through rates.

Embed your ratings into your site

Show how authentically great you are by embedding a widget with ratings on your site and motivate incoming visitors to become your customers.

Customer.guru works great with your existing tools

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