Automatic e-mail survey scheduling

Every website: Scheduling e-mail surveys from JavaScript

Copy & paste our tracking code and automatically schedule surveys directly from your website.

This is the recommended way of setting up automatic survey scheduling.

Estimated time required: 5 minutes.

Do you run a Shopify store?

Send surveys to all existing customers and/or automatically schedule surveys for new customers.

Server-side API integration

Integrate our server-side API and programmatically schedule surveys directly from your systems.

This approach allows for advanced configuration.

Integrate with over 750 applications via Zapier

Schedule surveys automatically from over 750 services via Zapier.

Connect your account with Salesforce, Stripe, Desk, Mailchimp, Zendesk, HelpScout, Groove, Autopilot and many other applications.

Embedded in-app widget integration

Every website: in-app JavaScript website widget

Tracking Net Promoter Score using an embedded in-app widget directly on your website.

Estimated time required: 10 minutes.